Each garment in this collection is inspired by the sunrises and sunsets that God gives us every day, reflecting a unique color palette and authentic, with incredible shades that are reflected in the firmament by sunlight.

swimwear / Resort Collection 2022

sunset secrets

Those who know me know that I am a lover of
sunsets and that I delight contemplating them. I am happy taking photos and collecting those moments

For me, sunsets and sunrises are a gift from God, since the sky is a blank canvas where He draws us every day the mysteries and secrets of his creation and greatness, reflected in the palette of unique colors and
authentic, with incredible nuances that are reflected in the
firmament by sunlight.

This collection, Sunset secrets – Resort 2023, proposes a palette of vibrant colors that were reflected in our designs, with glamorous, structured, delicate and fluid silhouettes that evoke the movement of the waves of the sea, the flight of birds and the subtle fall of the leaves when the wind shakes the trees.

We want you to enjoy this collection, as much as
we did it at every stage of the process of your