About Us


Praia proposes a variety of designs that adapt to different scenarios, from the classic and basic swimsuit, to the swimsuit with volume, glamor and sophistication, these being the characteristics that identify us.

our Designer

Dayanara Durán

Dayanara entered the fashion business more than 14 years ago, through haute couture, developing several summer collections, which were always accompanied by resort-style swimwear lines that paved the way for what we know today under the trademark PRAIA By Dayanara Durán.


We are a brand that is not guided by trends when designing a collection, we like to propose trend and in this new collection, Sunset Secrets we bring a proposal based on vibrant colors, where blue, coral, green and orange stand out in different shades.

Praia is inclusive when it comes to designing, we create pieces that look beautiful, on all types of bodies.

Our jumpsuits are best sellers since, due to the thickness of the fabric, they fit very well at the waist, generating a feeling of firmness and security, not leaving aside comfort, which is the most important thing when it comes to wearing a garment. PRAIA.

Also in this collection we present casual and elegant looks for summer, represented in dresses and sets that are complemented with skirts and shorts and long, with textile bases in natural fibers intervened.